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> I'd love to have a T-shirt that says "Society Wash Bear" on
> the front and then "pet raccoon" in many languages on the back.

In Polish, racoon is  szop  or  szop pracz   (pracz means washer, szop seems
to mean only racoon, but I suspect it's an old name for some other animal
That is, I hypothesize originally you had
szop = animal X
szop pracz = animal X washer = racoon

then when animal X got its new name (whatever that might be) szop was left
for racoons.

'pet' is hard, usually zwierza,tko (little animal) or pupilek (kind of
metaphorical, literally means 'favorite') but neither combines well with
"szop". A Polish friend suggested that  "szop domowy"  (lit. something like
"household racoon") would get the idea across. Unlike many, many Polish
words, there are no super- or sub- signs in "szop domowy".

-michael farris