George Boeree wrote:

> I think we are confusing the semantic layer of language with the syntax
> and idiomatic expressions of various languages.
> type 1 -- I eat (something).  One never eats without eating something.
> Eating is semantically transitive.  When we say I eat (or I am eating),
> the object is simply understood.  Some languages might just as well say
> "I eat stuff" instead, using some sort of generic object.

Un exemplo de isto es le verbo svedese "gör" (do(es)) que postula un
objecto "lo" det. Io lo face = Jag gör det. On non pote excluder le
objecto ci.

Clarmente on non pote excluder le signification del parolas. On
distinctemente non _solo_ pote vider le grammatica como un systema mechanic.

Kjell R