Saludos, Rob.
    Me interesa tu proyecto, el querla.
    Pero no sé bien el inglés, ni estoy dispuesto a aprender a fondo ese idioma.
    Por ello te pido que me informes sobre el querla en algún otro idioma, especialmente en lenguas neolatinas (francés, rumano, castellano, italiano, etcétera) o lenguas planificadas auxiliares (esperanto, ido, interlingua, tino, ulango, etcétera).
    Cordialmente, de Alejandro Javier.

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I am currently working on a language called Kerla.  While it is not really intended to be an auxlang per se, it does attempt to provide the greatest ease of learning for the greatest number of people.  At the same time, it also tries to follow logical and regular rules, mainly following "predicate logic."  Basically I've set this up as a "thought experiment" -- i.e., something to play around with and see how far it goes.  There are no political ambitions behind this project.  I would be interested to see what you all think of what I have so far.  Would anyone like to hear more about Kerla?

- Rob