This brings me to a total of 326 words.

> 1. obedient
> It is a joy to have obedient children.

ki animi ikoku teno ayi a
have obedient PL-child give joy STATEMENT

> 2. family
asiorae (asio = "parent", -rae is a suffix meaning a "group under the
leadership of".  It's rather a technichal-organizational way of
referring to a family.  Someday I'll invent a more comfortable word,
but not now.)

> That contributes greatly to the peacefulness of a family.
eka noku teno mita meke ro asiorae a
that much give to peaceful(ness) of family STATEMENT

> 3. thought
roesi (=think, thinking, thought)

> A thought and a kind word do as much, though.
ara roesi ti rehini reora isa ori a
but thought and kind word do likewise STATEMENT

> 4. politician
ohene   (Not exactly "politician", but rather one of the twelve members
of the king's court.)

> A politician might have the kind word, but never the thought.
ohene yaka ki rehini reora, ara eki ka ki roesi a
court-member maybe have kind word, but 3 not have thought STATEMENT

But no speaker would say this!  If a child didn't like the court
members, they just wouldn't be a citizen, and wouldn't speak the
kingdom language.

> 5. civility
> Thus government contains the trappings, but not the substance, of
> civility.

nara eriha ki ukutuma ara ka omi ro tu rehini a
so court has clothing but not body of be(ing) kind STATEMENT

And they wouldn't say this either.

> 6. civilization
I don't like the word, so I'm just temporarily borrowing it.

> Does this mean that government is not a part of civilization?

esa yore eriha ka tu tesa ro "sihoraisesona" i
this mean court not be part of "civilisation" QUESTION

Nor would anyone say this.

> 7. to move

> If you don't like it, move to Cuba.
me otu ka niika esa te otu makiro ma kuba o
open.if 2 not like this then 2 move to Cuba IMPERATIVE

>It's not any better, but they're honest.
roha ka tu neto ani ara yeki nikaro naera a
it not be more good, but PL-3 keep truth STATEMENT

> 8. to meet
> A ConlangCon is a place for conlangers to meet and discuss olives.

konuranukonu tu mekano se iserurokiyara heko tarehi
"conlangcon" be place that PL-language-make-er can meet

ti seru na imoyosi to roha a
and talk about PL-olive at it STATEMENT

> 9. existence

> It also establishes the existence of various conlangers more
> certainly.

roha eke osayaso kitu ro sora iserurokiyara neto makito a
it also prove existence of other PL-language-make-er more certainly

> 10. feelings
The idiom "no hard feelings" doesn't exist in this language, and I'm
not quite sure how to translate it, so I'm leaving it out.

> No hard feelings, but I can't be sure any of you are actually people.

uti ka heko tu makito some ro yotu tu naera yarai a
1 not can be certain any of PL-2 be true PL-person STATEMENT

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