Only 52 more, huh?  Do you have any of mine yet?  I
have numbers in the following:

Carrajena (a romance language)
Graavgaaln (alien and base-12)
Tvern El (alien)
Lrahran (alien)
B-G-2-3 (alien)
Q!ypl~ (alien)

Oh, and if Sylvia Sotomayor deosn't mind I still have
the numbers from our little scetch-lang Seldm which
grew out of the trip to see the lemurs.  Seldm is


--- janko gorenc <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Out of curiosity, do you have a website where you
> put your collection?
> I
> seem to remember you had an address but I can't find
> it now. I'm
> curious
> to see what you did with Ebisedian with its
> pathological multiplicity
> of
> ways to name the same numbers. :-P
> H. S. Teoh,
> Your conlang Ebisedian Have I save into my
> collection which is on the soft disk.
> I will open my site or scan in CONLANG list when I
> will collect yet 52 conlangs.
> Thank you for your help.
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Il prori ul pa&#38621;veju fi dji atexindu mutu madji
fached. -- Carrajena proverb