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 > 1. date (romantic interlude, fruit, calendar ~)
 > On my first date, I realized that my package of dates was outdated.

Mi ei priwu rombú, hau nodade mi en faexe on dattels ere
[mi e 'bri:v rAm'bu:  ho nA'da:d mim pES An 'datt@lz e:r]

tran datun.
[tran da:t@]

 > 2. station (outpost, to place)
 > I was stationed at the Bridge Creek station.

Ero poestu in tsaedsone Rivu ys Ponde.
['e:rA baSt in dzE'dzo:n ri:vz y pAnd]

 > 3. ruler (measurement and commander)
 > This ruler, a popular tourist item, bears the mark of the current ruler.

Ja reogul, poublaere u souvenir, prowe id sillun ys
[ja 're@g@l  pu'blajr @ suv@'ni:r  pro:v id 'zill@n yz]

iombradur praesinde.
[im'bra:d@r pre'zind]

 > 4. rate (instances per time, to judge something, often giving a
numeric result)
 > You rated the accuracy of the rate of change in government as being
 > bogus.

-- pass --

 > 5. loaf (~ of bread, to waste time being lazy)
 > Don't just loaf about the place--why don't you bake a loaf or two?

Nau liwage mic -- ¿cure nau couges un paene od duo?
[no li'va:g miC  ku:r no kowgz @m bajn Ad du@]

Note: |liwager| means "to snail".  The first sentence also
       contains an ethical dative.  =)

 > 6. direction (way, control)
 > The car's direction is under the driver's direction.

Is cursu ys wagun ix sub obe ys ductur.
[i kurs y 'va:g@n iS sub o:b y 'duxt@r]

 > 7. rest (leisure, remainder)
 > The rest of the company may rest here for an hour.

Is reste ys hinduera poesse ciscer ic an hora.
[i reSt y hin'dy@r pas 'kiSk@r iC @n o:r]

Note: |Hinduera| is from "centuria", assuming you meant the
       military meaning of "company".

 > 8. crack (onomatopeia, fissure, the substance)
 > With a crack, a crack opened in the wall, revealing a package of crack.

Ni crac, se hae berde un fissun in muru, ed nuzava un faexe
[ni grak  s@ he bErd @m 'piss@n im mu:r  e nu'za:v @m pES]

nys crack.
[ny krak]

 > 9. fast (speedy, to go without food)
 > We have to be fast if we want to reach the holy city in time to fast.

Muessim ere hidi ud game abenire en urve santa saede frue
['myssim e:r 'hi:di ug ga:m @be'ni:r en urv sant sajd fry@]

ni juenun.
[ni 'jy@n@]

 > 10. class (ranking; attention to fine arts, asthetics, and history)
 > In his class, he has no choice but to have no class.

Su ei tsadu, nau poesse uedare ere u balber.
[su e dza:d  no pas y'da:r e:r @ 'balb@r]

-- Christian Thalmann