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> If you must pick a pointless argument with me,

Then kindly don't start a load of pointless
rubbish about the purity of French words in
English usage!

> [snip]
> >> If one is going to use French for some
> >> supposed glamorous or prestigious reasons
> >> (who understands
> >> the minds of advertisers?), then one should
> >> at least IMHO take the trouble to do so
> >> properly.
> >
> > Sure. But they're not using French. They're
> > using English.
> Then why did they write it with the trema?

Part of the sex appeal, apparently.

> Of course they thought they were using French -

A supposition, at best. Unless you worked on the

> I can hardly believe the pointless folly of
> what has been written nor the unwarranted
> personal attack on me.

I'm sorry, I must have missed the personal

> For my part, if the advertisers had written
> 'Noel' (not uncommon as a name), I'd have
> written nothing.

Fair enough. That's probably where the name will
end up eventually.

> The only observation I was making is that if
> you are consciously
> using a _modern_ French word and are attempting
> to write it with
> diacritics, then you might, out of respect for
> the language and its people, make sure the
> diacritics are correct.

And I'm pointing out that in English we have no
reason to do so. It is no longer just a French
word - it is an English word.

I'm also pointing out that we do not feel the
need to use Greek or Latin or any other borrowed
words "correctly".


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