Regarding accented characters etc., I've often had minor problems with
them, but since I started getting messages in digest form, it's been
MUCH worse (though from some people they still seem to come through
fine).  And in messages from Christophe, I now find a whole lot of
equals signs followed by numbers which make it very hard to read, as in
the following:

>En r=E9ponse =E0 Paul Bennett :
>>Quick experiment. Can Christophe send something with a variety of
>>accents, to which Constentin replies, just to satisfy my curiosity?

>Here :)) :

>=E1=E0=E2=E4=E9=C8=C7   =F9=FA=DB  =C3=E3

>That should give you a good idea already.

>Note that my mails should be sent in MIME only (or so I set Eudora to
>and that I usually have no problem with receiving mails containing
>(I used to have problems sometimes, but it mostly disappeared since
>upgraded Eudora). I still the occasional mail in UTF-7 which shows
>wrongly though.

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