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> On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Costentin Cornomorus
> wrote:
> > I never liked umlauts. Even when they're
> > appropriate in English (co÷perate, etc.).
> Plus, I
> > always have to look up the codes, whereas I
> have
> > the ups, downs and chapeaux memorised.
> That isn't an umlaut, it's a diaeresis.

Same thing, in English. There's "umlaut", the
vowel variation in man/men; and there's "an
umlaut" which is the little doololly Germans use
to indicate umlaut, and that some English writers
use to distinguish two vowel sounds from a single
(oo v. o÷ = [u] v. [oo] or [oO]). I understand
dieresis to be a synonym for the latter, the
symbol, and an infrequently used one at that.


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