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> At 16:08 22/10/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >Hey everyone,
> >
> >I'm inviting you all to The Head-Last Project.  I am interested in
> >gathering people from many different backgrounds to contribute.  Here is
> >the Yahoo! Group description:
> >
> >The purpose of this group is to develop an interesting language that
> >consistently applies head-last (or left-branching) grammar and syntax. This
> >project will be open-source, although consensus will generally determine
> >the path(s) of development (however, there will probably be no
> >voting/polls). Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join - the more,
> >the merrier!
> I take it you've thrown up your hands in horror at the merry chaos which
> has broken out at ACollaborativeConlang and decided to try to create
> something saner? I noticed a comment along the lines of "We don't want
> anything mad like  nominative/accusative in the present tense and
> ergative/absolute in the past", which is precisely what
> ACollaborativeConlang has (I believe that the linguistic term for this is
> "split-S"). Good luck, but feel free to come and play with the anarchists
> at any time.

I once made a sketch of a conlang which was, IIRC nom-acc in the past, abs-erg
in the present and Monster Raving Loony in the future, along with some bizarre
mappings between different case and tense endings; ergative, accusative and
intransitive, past and future where all unmarked, while nominative, absolutive,
transitive and present all took the same affix. Hm, that doesn't look quite
right - it was supposed to be completely unambigous too (syntax telling verbs
from nouns).

I called it "Split-Evil". If/when my internet access at home starts working, I
can provide more details.


PS The purpose of the exercise was simple; to violate ALF.