Andreas Johansson scripsit:

> Please don't say that Kalmar broke up - it gives me unpleasant pictures in my
> head of major earthquakes occuring where they shouldn't!

Well, okay.  But "break up" for "dissolve" is quite usual in English
for both literal and metaphorical applications.  When we say that the
Beatles broke up in 1970, no actual bone fractures are contemplated,
and the song "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" does not refer to _The
Texas Chainsaw Massacre_.

> Since Finland's still in, the 1808-09 war presumably didn't take place, which
> means there wasn't a reason for the '09 coup -

Even without the war, an insane monarch is nothing to fool with.  It's
not 100% clear from Kristian's messages whether he finally decided that
Gustav IV was directly followed by Frederik VI of Denmark, or if
Frederik took over after Karl XIII's death.

> * This guy then promptly died, whereupon, bizarrely, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte,
> a Marshal of France on bad terms with Napoleon, was made heir. His descendants
> still occupy the Swedish throne.

IB's Napoleon wasn't interested in Scandinavia (he was basically trying
to restore the Roman Empire), so Bernadotte was never a possibility.

Critical early messages:

Some details were changed later, notably that southern Finland is
a separate country.

Here's the full and AFAIK up to date information on
the Scandinavian Realm:

> China? How and why did they get a foothold there?

Amager in Denmark and Tsingdao/Qingdao/Tjingdav were swapped by the SR
and China, probably early in the 20th century.

> (*Here*, Denmark for a while had a foothold in Guinea. I thought someone might
> want to know!)

It's called Gadangmeland in IB.

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