>It doesn't work this way. Animals which are living beings --so animate--
>described with an *objective* pronoun. They are considered (with a lot of
>respect) as objects. And the same way you'll use a *m./f.* pronoun to talk
>about the family pet, the Shaqueans (my aliens) will use a *subjective*
>pronoun, as if it was a family member.

Sounds vaguely similar to the pronoun and verb arrangement I have in Trayiss
Laafaah: they focus on the speaker (a sentient Trayih, of course) and work
outward from there.

--  laafah /1s speak/
six laafah /1d speak-1/ (dual)
sish laafah /1pi speak-1/ (inclusive)
suns laafah /1px speak-1/ (exclusive)
ix laafans /2s speak-n1/
sish laafans /2p speak-n1/
uns laafans /3 speak-n1-sentient/ *
uts lfan /3 speak-n1-nonsentient/ *

3rd person pronoun is the same for singular and plural.

>The Shaqueans which are double-gendered (hermaphrodite) like most of the
>animals don't need a male/female discrimination. They're not so

My Bes have 3 functional sexes.

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