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> Staving Costentin Cornomorus:
>> If you want to construct a noun system whose
>> nouns change gender depending on their role in a
>> sentence, I think you would do to come up with
>> better names!
> I came up with a similar system a while ago.
> bin/wa?A2=ind0308A&L=conlang&P=R11509

AFMCL, Thagojian allows roots to take whatever gender is appropriate for
the conversational role. It's not anti-anadewist, being copied from
Elamite, but AFAIK, it's anadewically rare.

For example, with the root {horés'e} /hor\EZe/ "king", you can make the

{horés'em} "I, the king" Gender: 1st Person
{horés'es} "you king", "O king" Gender: 2nd Person
{horés'et} "the king" Gender: 3rd Person Animate
{horés'en} "kingry" Gender: 3rd Person Inanimate
{horés'ep} "kinghood" Gender: Abstractions

Plus any number of other derivations, via the languages usual derivational