I'm already listening to the occasional Christmas cd
toying with craft ideas ans slobbering over ornaments
that would require another tree to be usable.

Right now I'm looking at various Christmas songs as
translation projects for Carrajena.  Some are songs I
think likely to be actually sung in C-a lands, and
others are just because I like the words and/or
melodies.  Recently, I've encountered a Norwegian
song, "Kling no Klokka" which sounds *really* nice.
But I don't know what the words mean and speak no
Norwegian.  I was wondering if any of the Swedes or
Danes on list were familiar with the song and would be
willing to shoot me a quick English translation of the

Hopefully I'll have some songs to post sometime in


Il prori ul pa雝veju fi dji atexindu mutu madji
fached. -- Carrajena proverb