Isidora Zamora wrote:

> The question that I still have not been able to answer for myself is
> whether a human corpse would be epicine or inanimate.  There are good
> arguments for each side, and I think that the answer to the question is
> culturally significant.

My conlang has only 2 genders: "subjective" and "objective". Everything is
"objective" except the persons, the pets and the spirits. The spirit and the
person is one single "subjective" thing but the body is an object, a tool of
the mind to interact with the material world. The body without the spirit
which turns it into a person will be described by an "objective" pronoun.

I guess that's very culturally significant. Anyway, that's the answer I've
given to your question.

See ya,

Remi Villatel
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