And where can I dowload Shoebox 4.01? I just found v5, but yes, it's
commercial :(


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On Sun, 2 Nov 2003 13:13:34 -0500, Paul Bennett <[log in to unmask]>
> On 2 Dec 2003 at 11:04, Payrga Laanka wrote:
>> does anyone know any software that can be used to make a dictionary
>> for a new conlang?
>> for dictionary-maker i mean a software that includes the option of
>> long and complex definitions, bilingual comments and ethimology.
> I don't know the opinion of the list on newer versions of the SIL
> Shoebox, but I've used it in the past with some success. There is
> quite a learning curve to get it customised in a particular way, but
> it seems very customisable.
> Looking at it doesn't
> look like the software is free any more, which is probably a huge
> downside for most of us.

No, current versions of Shoebox are no longer free.  The last free version
was sh401.exe (which can probably still be found). I use shoebox [4.01]
for the Kirumb languages; its biggest drawback, for me at least, is its
lack of Unicode support, but otherwise is quite good.


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