All right, today I installed the Kura rpm...
On attempting to run kura I ran across this problem:

       File "/usr/local/share/kura/", line 13, in ?
          from kuraclient import main
     ImportError: cannot import name main

Now, 1) my Python knowledge is nil, and 2) googling for 'cannot import
name' produces nothing helpful (mostly messages like this regarding other
apps, and replies to same saying to get the latest version of said app).
[Also 3) _is_ extant in kuraclient/ .]

So I thought I'd ask here whether anyone here who know how to get it
working can direct me in what I must do to get mine functional, pls.


E jer savne zarjÚ mas ne   (You put music in my heart
Se imnÚ koone'f metha       And with the spirit of an artist
Brissve mÚ kolÚ adÔ.        I will make the dreamtime)