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> >I'm aware that capital punishment isn't particularly common in the US. I'm
> >also aware that a segment of the American population reacts very negatively
> to
> >any suggestion that is should be abolished
> There is also a segment of the American population which reacts very
> negatively to any execution.  Wherever there is an execution, there will
> also be a crowd of protesters.  I'm on neither side; I just wish that we'd
> make it clear whether we do or do not practice capital punishment in
> America - when I think about it, that is.

Personally, I'm against capital punishment, but I think we better terminate
this real-world digression - it's not even relevant to our present OT

> It would be perfectly legal to walk down the street in Sovchilen carrying a
> bow and arrows.  People might look at you a little funny, since there's
> nothing to hunt for miles around, but no one would stop you.  The military
> might keep an eye on you, though, wondering what exactly it was that you
> were planning on shooting.

Of course, a pretty significant difference here is that while the Trehelish
carry bows and arrows, a pocket-size Tairezan gun can easily be as powerful as
a present-day bazooka. The more powerful weapons technology, the higher need
to control it, generally.