does anyone know any software that can be used to make a dictionary for a new conlang?
for dictionary-maker i mean a software that includes the option of long and complex definitions, bilingual comments and ethimology.
i founded a real good one in http://www.freelang.net/ but it doesn't have all the option that i need.
i know that all can be done in a word or an excel software, or just gather all information in a personnal book but... i hope all that work can be summarize in a good software program!
for example:
Book | IbrŽ [i.brŽ] (*i.br-), n., book; also known as faderŽn-ibrŽ (paper-book); general definition for a book made from paper sheets, diferent from viherŽ (or giirŽn-ibrŽ, wood-book) and from grarhŽ (or argŽn-ibrŽ, a stone-book). {*ibrŽ, sitandellŽ; *yrb, urgim; *iťbro, gandar„; hibere, Lugehe}
English word | SitandellŽ word [silabitizion] (ethimology root), grammatical classe, definition and comments. {translation to the other sister-languages of SitandellŽ}.
do let me know if anyone knows a tool to help me make a dictionary for my conlang!
Jorge Phyttas-Raposo
"ky inŽ annrŽ nŁur yvler"