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> 1. Does anyone here have any interest whatsoever in getting an IAL into

Yeah, for all the good it does. But I would rephrase that as "getting IAL's
into more widespread use"

> 2. Does anyone here actually have the slightest idea how to go about
> one into use?

Yeah, for all the good it does. I also thought that was the idea behind the
list; to share ideas about getting IAL's into use.

My proposals to get the list on topic.

1. Let's just boycott the obvious trolls. If we don't respond to them at
all, no matter how outrageous or enfuriating they are, then they will go
away (eventually). Trolls want to show they can provoke an emotional
reaction from you. It's very foolish to provide them with it, because once
you've reacted to them, they've won and you have no chance of winning. They
way to defeat them is the silent/blank screen treatment.
 hint: once you've identified a troll, delete their messages without reading
them. It works for me.

2. Let's (for the sake of argument) drop the ad linguam(?) arguments. Even
if language X is a sorry excuse for a language IYHO, then keep it to
yourself as much as possible, proponents of that language don't care, nor
should they. I do think there are some poor design and vocabulary choices in
all the major IALs, but I think structural oddities are more of question of
sociolinguistics than language planning (I can expound more on this if
anyone is interested).

3. Let's plan backwards (it's what NASA did/does). Imagine your end state
then think backwards on what has to happen to get there and work on those.
The eo movement is doing a little of this (more by accident than design I
think) but much more is needed.

-michael farris