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And Rosta <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> > My approach is to use a limited set of "elementary morphemes", in the
> sense of
> > "elementary particles". Then the "real" morphemes are built by composition
> and
> > derivation, and the initial morphemes are then buried into the
> incounscious
> > reptilian memory of the proto-conlang. Who cares that the word "origin"
> includes
> > the proto-IE root "or" (to arise, to spring up)? That's the kind of thing
> I'm
> > trying to re-create.
> Rick Harrison's

Rick Morneau's.  BTW: neither of the "two great Ricks", as I like
to call them, seems to be active in CONLANG anymore.  They are referred
to every now and then, but no longer post here.

>      very elegant creation Katanda (now called something else,
> but I
> forget what)

Nasendi.  Unless he has changed the name yet again.

>      used a similar but more systematic approach, whereby roots are
> formed out of meaningful root-forming morphemes that serve to provide clues
> about the root's meaning.

Nasendi is a rare beast, showing many traits of a philosophical
In my humble opinion it is monstrous rather than elegant.