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> a new conlang has reared its ugly head in my
> conworld of Yhe Ghye-Ineat, The
> World of Light, blood dripping from its mouth
> from its latest kill, and the
> sweetest smile upon its dial.
> Its name is above - to wit:
> esa       emban                wa       waesa
> this/the  speech/language of/from  -or
> (preposed actor particle)
> nkhara   goshu
> to hunt   free
> The speech/language of the Free Huntresses.

Whenever anyone uses a curiously moded word like
huntress, we have to ask about the L1 it's
translated from. The interlinear notes only agent
particle plus infinitive yields noun. Is the
feminine basic a normal feature of this language,
such that the male form is especially marked? If
there are any, how is "male hunter" realised?

> The most interesting feature is that it has a
> CVCV pattern for verbs - nkhara

Suppose that N is not syllabic here!

> So there are
> some stories about their adventures and
> misadventures and the establishment
> of the first midwife when it became apparent
> that that was where the power lay ... ;^)

Interesting! You'll have to tell us more about
these power wielding midwives.


la cieurgeourea provoer mal trasfu ast meiyoer ke 'l andrext ben trasfu.


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