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Andreas Johansson scripsit:

> * One of the more bizarre errors is translating Swedish _Slovenien_
> as "Slavonia" and _Slavonien_ as "Slovenia". Grantedly, the names are very
> similar, but it's impressing getting both wrong, with such perfect symmetry.

Boswell on the errors in Samuel Johnson's dictionary:

# A few of his definitions must be admitted to be erroneous. Thus,
# Windward and Leeward, though directly of opposite meaning, are defined
# identically the same way; as to which inconsiderable specks it is enough
# to observe, that his Preface announces that he was aware there might
# be many such in so immense a work; nor was he at all disconcerted when
# an instance was pointed out to him. A lady once asked him how he came
# to define Pastern the knee of a horse: instead of making an elaborate
# defence, as she expected, he at once answered, "Ignorance, Madam,
# pure ignorance." His definition of Network ["Any thing reticulated
# or decussated, at equal distances, with interstices between the
# intersections"] has been often quoted with sportive malignity, as
# obscuring a thing in itself very plain.

To which we may add his definition of _lexicographer_:  "a writer of
dictionaries, a harmless drudge".

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