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> Costentin Cornomorus wrote:
> > Well, the Telerani are in the middle of the
> > Metranes, which marks the virgin birth of
> > Metras
> > in a cave. Some also mark the virgin birth of
> > Yeshue in a cave...
> Suspiciously familiar. :)  What's the
> environment of the Telerani?

Environment? A suspiciously earthlike planet! :)
They inhabit the eastern lands of the World; are
speakers of a continuum of IE/IH languages and
are inheritors of some ancient Aryan practices.
Telerani religion in notable in being an amalgam
of a couple different ancient fire cults (one of
which is their distant cousin, Zoroastrianism;
another is an ancient Daine practice), Anian
Wisdom-Study, the native Aryan religion,
Kristianity, and the strange
Buddho-Tao-Kristo-Grecco-Sindish philosophy that
is widespread in what passes for Asia in the

> > >  since the culture I'm dealing with was
> > > separated from the rest of the planet long
> > > before any of the current major religions
> existed
> >
> > That's a long time. How were they separated?
> Abducted by aliens, of course.  (Happens all
> the time, right?)

Oh, yeah. On a regular basis! Yep...

> Sometime back when the various dialects of
> P-I-E were still mutually comprehensible.

Something reminiscent of Hinduism (Vedic) might
have been around at that time.

> > There is a difference! "Real" religions might
> > best be left for elsewhere; constructed
> religions
> > and especially as they pertain to conlanging
> is
> > fair game here.
> Although many concultures are set in the real
> world and therefore
> participate in real religions . . . at which
> point the line can start to blur.

Yes, but they can be different as well.
Catholocism exists in Ill Bethisad, for example -
but might be unrecognisable to a Catholic from
*here*. [Not doctrinally, mind.]

> > Could look at Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism
> and
> > how they grew and spread. Very little
> Christian
> > influence there.
> For all its differences from the
> Judeo-Christian/Islam tradition,
> Buddhism is still a "modern" religion; it is
> centered on the
> spiritual teachings of a lone prophet,

Funny how that happens!

> Even Buddha was from thereabouts, was he not?

He was an Indian prince, as I recall.

> > Such religions did not
> > occur in the West - Rome was fond of Mystery
> > religions and Mithraism - nor in the East.
> Note that Mithraism *also* began in the Middle
> East. :)

Yes, but was old when Rome latched on to it -
Mithras also is known to the Indians and Hittites
(who also knew Ouranos/Varuna, Aruna; and Indra,

I think the fancy mithrea you find along the
edges of the Roman world were a later invention
of the Roman form of Mithraism. And its modern
revival, of course!

As you could see from the bit on Telerani
practice, they too know of Mithras, for he
started out as a deity overseeing honourable
contracts and the like. They also know Waruwanas
and Himtaras and many others.

> > Could be. Ecumenism between Asatru,
> Mithraists
> > and devotees of Isis could be interesting!
> Ah, Isis.  (Pause for pleasant memories of
> Saturday mornings
> watching Joanna Cameron)

MR. REED!! Kindly pay attention! </teacher voice>

> Sorry, what were we talking about?
> Ah, religion.  Right.

Right, then!

> I've always figured it was the lack of
> interesting scenery. :)

Could be!


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