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>>>     One of my favourite Japanese word "mangalings" is _Gundam_ which
>> IIRC comes from "gun dream(s)"..._pokemon_ is from "pocket
>> monster(s)"...
>>>     Manga and anime has lotsa these - IMO especially the sci-fi kind...

One Japanese creation I read about recently [hopefully not from this list,
otherwise I'll look silly...] that I thought was quite cool (which may or
may not be fictitious) is the word for a female ninja, |kunoichi|.

(Hoping listserv wont mangle the unicode)

Basically you take the kanji for woman, 女, and dismantle it into pieces:
the hiragana く |ku| +
the katakana ノ |no| +
the kanji 一 |ichi| ('one'),

thus くノ一 = kunoichi.

Any conlangs do stuff like *that*?

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