On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 02:20:54PM +0200, Steg Belsky wrote:
> Anyway, since the original message had some kind of question about
> conculture holidays, here i'll repost something i sent to ConCulture
> last Rokbeigalmki New Year, about half a year ago:

Thanks!  So what's ConCulture?  Another mailing list?

> This year is somewhat interesting in that it's got 14 months.

!  14 lunations is over 413 days.  That's a darn long year!

> which includes Dzu"Fa"Ri

What do the double-quotes signify?

> month of the year (Jalág) before New Years Day and the first of the new
> year (Ghalúb) afterwards. The Ghalúb we are in now (Dzu"Fa"Ri is the
> 1st day of Ghalúb) is only about a week long, so when you count the
> months until next Dzu"Fa"Ri you find that there are 14 months.

Oh, I see.  Dzu"Fa"Ri splits the lunation containing it into two "months".
That should still only add one month, though, taking the total to 13;
does the 14-month count include the intercalated Yápleg, meaning that
common years have only 13 months?