I gave myself a bit of a Christmas present for Western
observance.  I stopped by Half Price Books (oh, how I
love that place!) and spent about $30 for:

Hippocrene Concise Dictionary Kyrgyz
Kyrgyz-English/English-Kyrgyz Glossary of Terms --
Karl A. Krippes
Hippocrene Concise Dictionary
Galician-English/English-Glician (Galego) Dictionary
-- Joe Vikin
Websters New World French Dictionary Atkins, Duval,
Lewis & Milne
Peace Corps English-Tunisian Arabic Dictionary -
Abdelkader, Ayed & Naouar
Tales of Langdoc From the South of France - Samuel
Jacques Brun
Peasants and Kings in Burgundy: Agrarian Foundations
of French Absolutism - Hilton L. Root
North African Cooking - Hilaire Walden

NOw I just have to find a Septuagint to give myself
for Eastern observance Christmas . . .


Fached il prori ul paņeveju mutu chu djul atexindu.
-- Carrajena proverb