--- Isidora Zamora <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >(OT Latin: faciem illius agnosco -> "I recognize
> that
> >man's face", but does anyone know how to say "I
> >recognize that man's face" in Latin?  I'm not
> familiar
> >enough with the language to know it off hand and I
> >can't seem to figure it out from my scanty Latin
> >reference material.)

Many thanks. My only reference (Teach Yourself Latin
Grammar by Gregory Klyve) seems to be pretty
superficial and doesn't mention the future participle,
Second Periphrastic or Passive Periphrastic at all.

BTW: I was just browsing Amazon for a more
comprehensive grammar when I spotted Harry Potter,
Winnie the Pooh, and Dr. Seuss all in Latin!  What a



> Given that information, I think that the sentence
> that you are looking for
> is this one:
> Mihi facies illi est agnoscenda.
> Somebody, *please,* *please,* *please* pe kind
> enough to correct my Latin,
> because I couldn't find a gender for "facies" but it
> appears to be fifth
> declension, and my first year book was polite enough
> to inform me that
> those are nearly all feminine.  I'm sure I must have
> gotten something or
> other wrong in the sentence.
> Isidora