John Cowan wrote:

> Adam Walker scripsit:
> > Oh, I have Winnie Ille Pooh.  It is quite fun.  I also
> > have Rugulus vel Puer.  Also a delight.
> I can't find "rugulus" in Lewis & Short, and most Google hits are clearly
> typos for Regulus, the trivial name of Alpha Leonis.  It looks like it
> should mean "wrinkled"+DIM+NOM+SG, but I'm still confused.

I'm sure he meant _Regulus, vel Pueri Soli Sapiunt_,
the Latin version of _Le Petit Prince_.

I think it's somewhat of a hobby to produce Latin
translations of popular children's books. I have
Winnie the Pooh, Le Petit Prince, How the Grinch
Stole Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlotte's
Web. A friend of mine has Peter Rabbit and The
Wizard of Oz. This last one was controversial because
the word order is generally like that of English.

--Ph. D.