This is old news, but if someone posted about it at the time, I missed it:

A recent (Sep. 2003) issue of HolQeD (the Journal of the Klingon Language
Institute) notes that the Klingon translation of _Hamlet_  was referred to on
"Hollywood Squares."  It goes on to say:
"Meanwhile, Cram, a show on the Game Show Network which forces two two-player
teams to stay awake all night studying a stack of materials and then tests
their mastery (or at least recollection) has joined the fray.  Contestants
studied both Marc Okrand's _The Klingon Dictionary_ and Ruth Noel's _The Languages
of Tolkien's Middle Earth_ and then had to correctly match seven target
phrases.  The accuracy of the Elvish phrases will be left to the editors of _Vinyar
Tengwar_  to debate, but the rendering of several of the Klingon phrases left
a bit to be desired:

[Klingon examples omitted]
. . .
Tragically, the team that selected Elvish performed better than the team that
matched the Klingon phrases.  Their dishonor will extend for generations."

That result  does not surprise me.  I find phrases in the Elvish languages
much easier to remember than those in Klingon.  Klingon just looks like a jumble
of letters, while Quenya and Sindarin look and sound like something that
someone might actually speak.