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>>     ::re-reads liner notes on Ma's _Silk Road_
>> CD::
>> Yepyep... he's prob'ly one of the New
>> Generation
>> of Ancestor Worshippers. Just doesn't say it
>> aloud
>> for fear of seeming too "heathen" and
>> "Asia-centric"
>Well, I'm not sure how much worse/more strongly
>put his Asiacentrism can be. Mind you, I ain't an
>expert on things Asian; but in the interviews
>I've read he seems very strongly rooted in Asia.

    So much so that one ol'foogie type Classical
Music Critic mourns this "leftward" swing in Ma's music.
(Is this cultural reactionary hinting _musica sinistra_?
not too far at all from _musica 0_o???)

>Of couse, he [Ma not the above ubermensch'ed
>ain't one jot afraid of sending out
>tap roots and creepers and branches over into
>things American or European or African or Middle
>Asian either!!!

    Vive "mix'n'match" _Frisson_ de Cultures!
    Be LOUD... Be Proud to be a _Race Trader_!
    Dhe Future isin hard Applied SciFi, mon amis,
        Hard Applied Sci-Fi...

>> and thus _alienatin'_ his mainly upper-crusty
>> patrons of the old-bone-moon pigmentation
>I don't think they need fear - but fear is wyrd

    Ma's recent musical blendings might be considered a threat to any
Right-goosesteppin' cultural paleo-conservative.
    Imagine a _Mad_ magazine cartoon:
    European: "Oh no _our_ favourite lil Yellow Star, _our_ model Asian, has
gone Native, rogue and some....The Classicist music world is going to Hell in
a handbasket..."
    Chinese: "AiYah! What a musical mess... Good Balanced Chinese music mixed
with hormonally-de-ranged Black and White Barbarian musics? AiYaH the whole
civilized Chinese music world is going to the dogs!"
    Black "Afro-Beat": "What's wid all-a dat weird-ass shreeekin' Chink cello
playin' shit? If it ain't jazz or hiphop 'n' if it don't swing or have a Big
Phat-ass Hip-Movin' Beat, it don't fukkin' mean a damn thing..."

>> (my uncle Kai can't stop
>> his gigglefits at the idea that there are
>> "Whites" and "People of Colour"...
>I never have understand that one. I mean, since
>when has white not been a colour?

    I think albinos are _pretty_ "white." I think the best I have seen are
female and southern French/Italian and the mixed heritage ones in the
Netherlands. Kinda like them pale-as-corset-whalebone-types you see in classic 16-18th
Century paintings.

>> he grew up in British Colonial Malaya
>> but clearly recalls the Americana of the '50s -
>> the whole "Whites" and "Coloured"bs-biz:
>>  "Gor-frikkin'-Blimey! Are not we going a tad
>> little
>>  _retro_ here all-a-sudden 'gain, lah?")
>Lawks! Hope not! (:

    Never truer said. _Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum_.

>>     LMAO... Afterlives, ya mean, eh?
>Oh, I don't know. I mean, what I'm in now is
>after the life I've had thus far. They're just
>further along...or just in a different place...or
>something zen like that.

    Intriguin' sense of Time there. Be neat to see a conlang
conculture along those timelines ;)

>> I sure wouldn't like any of mine "terribly
>> bothered"
>> with me - esp'ly from me Mumzie's side, the
>> Dreaded
>> Hardcore Republican-Xianized-Americanized
>> Vulgar Confucianists of the
>> _WONG Side of the Family_...
>> the Wild'n'Kwazie Taoist-Existentialist British
>> Born ZHANG leFamilia.
>>     Hey we got a particularly nasty Culture
>> Clash just on the edge o' Civil
>> Warfare
>> in our family...

NEWS FLASH: it is Civil War. East Coast vs. West...
See, the Wongs are mindgame-playin', gossipy, backstabbin' Bostonian
homebodies mainly & we ever-blunt, nomadic, adventure-seekin' Zhangies are
scattered-to-the-seawinds Tejasians & adopted/adapted Californians. (& the Wongs are not
above literally backstabbin' their own either... And when a Wong needs his own
armed-to-the-teeth bodyguard from way outside the family to go to a family
re-union, ya know sumthin's not exactly healthy in that death-threat-happy
family).  Go figger...

>that counts for more than mere
>> family dysfunctionalism, lah?
>Pfsh. That's just yo lot being NORMAL!

ROTFLMAOSHIH again no truer said...
centuries of cultural differences and conflicts are not easily
overcome... afterall - with nearly 2.5 billion Chinese on Earth
and more water under the bridge than most other cultures,
there is bound be a lil bit o' heavy-duty head-bashin' and feudin' within the

> The Cleavers - now tht's dysfunctional! I mean,
>there's nothing going on in that kind of family -
>just dead propriety and "nice"ness. Lah?

LOL! Sounds kina like the filthy rich Wongs, just add the
ruthless, bloodthirsty *, court-intrigue-addicted Medicis,
then ya got it dead-on right...

* of course the Zhangsters are no slouches, patsies or welcome mats either
in this department (just ask any other ancient Chinese noble family we failed
to wipe out entirely, ie. the Sun/Sung family). Appalachian feuds and Mafia
Family feuds are Boy Scout jamborees in comparision to Chinese family _tong_
feuds which can last several genocidal centuries and lay waste to entire
regional areas of the Chinese world...

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