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>Andreas Johansson scripsit:
>> Tangentially, I've heard that some SEAsian peoples consider Chinese to
>> be "white".

    And Indonesians have a stereotype of Chinese that reads like the worst
Semitic ones; it is no bleedin' wonder the Chinese in Indonesia say that they
feel like they are "the Jews of Asia." (And some actually are part
Russian-Jewish - their parents or grandparents being from wild, crazy decadent 1930's

    The 1st coupla months I was in a small sad lil Texas elementary school -
in the mid1960's - I was classified as "White." They only had "White",
"Negroid," and "Latinate" classifications at this particular point in educational
history in this cultural and ethnic backwoods.
    So I was a "honourary White" for awhile, but sure wasn't a "model Asian",

>I wonder what they think of Europeans - perhaps "red"?

    Accordin' to my Uncle Kai from Borneo, EuroAmericans fall under a colour
that can most easily be translated as _pale-moon-bone-white_. There is a also
an _ash-white_ (greyish) and _corpse-white_ (blue-green white). And yes all
these white colours have spooky connotations.
    Amongst the ex-cannibal headhuntin' Sukei tribals, mothers say to their
kiddies: "If you don't eat/behave like a good lil Sukei, ya'll turn White." No
bloody wonder they are the hardest to hard-sell anything from "Civilization" -
esp'ly anything white.
    My Uncle Joe, who is in Borneo and is a chief owner of a eco-tourist
hotel, trade & supply co., says his kids thought Darth Vader was the Good Guy not
Luke Skywalker becuz of this whole colour semantics thingie. "They been
hanging out with the Sukei kids a little too long... Loosing our bleedin'
distinctive Sino-British heritage... AiYaH!"

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