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>     The 1st coupla months I was in a small sad lil Texas elementary school -
> in the mid1960's - I was classified as "White." They only had "White",
> "Negroid," and "Latinate" classifications at this particular point in
> educational
> history in this cultural and ethnic backwoods.
>     So I was a "honourary White" for awhile, but sure wasn't a "model
> Asian",
> hehe...

"Honorary white"? LOL!

Well, that's what happens when you have too few racial categories. I've always
found the American tendency to classify everyone as "black" or "white"
strange - by my terms, blacks and whites together make up well less than half
of humanity. And "Latinate" as a _race_? LOL ...

Another victim of lacking racial classification scheme was an Iranian guy I
used to know; he had some fairly terrible views about black people, so imagine
his discomfort at coming to Sweden and realize that to many Swedish racists,
_he_ is black!