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> Very few, if any, auxlang designers seem to
> have even considered this,

Hm, [not that we want to get into Auxlang
policies and similar] but oughtn't this be part
and parcel of any good auxlang design?

> >> 11. At night at sea one could fire colored
> >> flares according the colors given in (10).
> >
> > That's a load o flares!
> Quite so. I'm not whether all these 13 methods
> are
> due to Sudre himself or whether some of them
> are the
> result of Gajewski's enthusiasm and vivid
> imagination.
> I suspect the latter.

The very fact that he put this much creative
thought into ways of communicating his language
says something for his imaginitive abilities!

> While some are certainly practical, others are
> IMO rather bizarre - and this is one such.

Well, perhaps not so bizarre as all that.
Solresol was invented around 1817 or so - there
were no radios, barely any steam ships. Intership
communications consisted pretty much of
semaphores, flares and shouting.

> > Add a few more notes, and the ships organist
> > could strike up a merry tune!
> yeah - but don't forget all those darn pauses
> :)


> >> 13. Finally, at sea, can beat a drum, strike
> a
> >> bell, blow a whistle, blow
> >> a hunting horn (cor de chasse [on a
> boat??]),
> >
> > Not ideal, as a cor de chasse does not have
> easy
> > access to a diatonic scale!
> But ain't the French 'cor de chasse' sort of
> curly
> and rather different from the hunting horn used
> in
> the anglophone world?

Yeah. Your English hunting horn is a straight
sort of affair, the French one is generally,
well, French horn shaped. Without all the valves
and extra plumbing. This latter became the
natural horn, found in early orchestras, and was
later fitted with valves, becoming the French

> > This will have to implemented in the World,
> somewhere!
> Well, at least in someone's conworld   :)

The more the merrier!


la cieurgeourea provoer mal trasfu ast meiyoer ke 'l andrext ben trasfu.


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