On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Morgan Palaeo Associates wrote:

> Tristan McLeay wrote:
> > Actually, hereabouts we tend to use CXS, a slightly modified version of
> > X-Sampa designed for humans to read (and it's even better for computers
> > because it's less ambiguous). You [Marty] can find my CXS translation
> > table at <>.
> The acronym CXS wasn't around last time I browsed the list regularly
> (which tends to be sporadic), so I've done a bit of digging.

And so've I now, seems interesting.

> According to Listserv search, the form "CXS" first appears in:
> and the form "CXSampa" first appears in:
> but it's clear that neither is the original citation.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for it, and I'm probably the
person who uses the term the most. It may be that I confused myself by
writing a message that defined it but then for whatever reason didn't send
it (happens a lot); unfortunately, only unsent mails from
[log in to unmask] are kept and them not in completeness.

I think the term was popularised around the time I made the CXS chart.

> What I can't find is the original thread in which, presumably, someone
> said, "You know, it's a bit of a mouthful to explain to new folk that
> we essentially use X-Sampa except for one or two minor modifications,
> so why don't we invent a name for our system? I suggest CXS".

The second email using 'CXS' (not counting the replies to the original)
probably counts as that:

It appears Daniel Andreasson picked it up for the page,
Mark J. Reed used it next but it doesn't seem as though he thought it a
legitimate name yet (even as late as 4 Jan 2004 he still finds it
necessary to use scare quotes!! And I assume he wouldn't've done even
*that* if I hadn't told him off for calling '/ts)/' X-SAMPA. Though in
September, 'The system, which he dubbed CXS, ...', and in November he
happily rephrases someone without anything, and he *really* let his
guard slip in a pronunciation thread he started:

So Mark, I ask you: What's so bad about just calling it CXS and being done
with it? You started calling it qualified-CXS before anyone else did :)

My apologies if I've caused you undue difficulty.