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> >
> > do <-> not do
> > do <-> undo
> >

> Where I to
> concoct an aux- or loglang, I'd be including two
> 'negative' markers to
> distinguish precisely between abscence and opposite.

The prefixes would have to be stackable since I
overloooked the obvious third kind of opposite, the
double opposite:

do <-> not do   --absence of action
do <-> undo     --opposite action
do <-> not undo --absence of opposite

Then there's anti-

consider the difference between not Christian,
un-Christian, and anti-Christian.  But when anti- is
applied to verbs I suspect it means the same as un-.

anticlose = unclose = open ??
not close = leave open
not unclose = leave closed

Do not unclose Pandora's box.

Or does anti-close mean to prevent the closing of?

Perhaps to anti-open is to lock?

I anti-opened the door to keep burglers out.

Give me your key so I can un-anti-open this door.

Hmmm. I'm beginning to think that if I can squeeze
enough milage out of prefixes, 10 or 15 verb stems
will be plenty for a complete language.