Joe scripsit:

> I don't know about three.  Having said that, three seems to occupy some
> kind of special place in our culture's brains.  "I'lll count to three",
> "third time lucky", "three strikes, you're out".  Odd, really.

Many North American cultures use four in the same way: in particular,
if you ask a traditional Navajo the same question four times, the fourth
answer must be correct and complete.  (This is not necessarily advice to
do so!)

From the Navajo FAQ:

"There are four worlds, four cardinal directions, four sacred mountains,
four events in a woman's life, and four parts of a person. A four day
period of quarantine is usually observed after ceremonies before a
person returns to normal activities, or a dedicated building is placed
into use. A burial must be done within four days of a death."

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