On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Nik Taylor wrote:

> David Peterson wrote:
> > I do a hunt = I hunt
> > I do a sleep = I sleep
> > I am a thoughtful (one) = I think
> > I am a thoughtful (one) about birds = I think about birds
> > I not go off of the rock = I don't get off of the rock
> > I go walking to the hut = I walk to the hut
> Tho, when you get situations like that, I really have to wonder if
> that's the best way to analyze it.  Couldn't you instead analyze the
> phrases "do a hunt", "do a sleep", etc., as verbs, with what's being
> defined as "do", "be" and "go" being simply derivational morphemes
> producing verbs from nouns?

Hm, but what of a phrase like 'I do a few hunts' (which, I guess, might
express a short-term (is there a 'proper' word?) present habitual).

> I wonder if there aren't "nouns" that don't exist outside of the
> phrases with those 3 verbs?

I doubt they would. Maybe they've never been used, but I imagine they'd be
nothing wrong with it, and it mightn't even sound funny to use them as a
regular noun. Are there any verbs we can't use as a gerund (except for
ones that have an alternative like 'escape' (n.) instead of 'escaping').