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> > > Actually, it's always the feast day of at
> > > least half a dozen Saints, but most of the
> > > time the Saints are relatively minor.
> >
> >Yeah. You get a buildup of saints after a
> >while -
> >and people forget what they did or why they're
> >saints. Or how on Earth or Heaven _anyone_
> >could consider them saintly! ;)
> Which is why St. Dmitri of Rostov, in the 17th
> century, wrote The Great
> Collection of the Lives of the Saints.

Butler is about a century later.

> There is at least one vita for each
> day of the year, sometimes more.

So, about 500? There must be more than that!
Butler's original edition listed some 1500
saints. The 1956 edition, more than 2500. There
is no official figure, but estimates range from
6000 to 10000 named saints (obviously, not
including all the countless unknown martyrs and
sort of 'private' saints who really were holy but
no one knew about them). Obviously, also, these
are Western saints - I'm not sure what the
overlap is, or when the cutoff was (or if there
really žs a cutoff or not).

> It's currently being translated from
> Church Slavonic into English

Cool! That will be a neat work, when it's done!


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