On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 10:02:05PM +0100, Christophe Grandsire wrote:
> >Ok.  Is that really [r=], in other words, a lengthened trill,
> Actually, = *is* the X-SAMPA mark for "syllabic". A lengthened trill would
> be written [r:]. [r=] is a syllabic alveolar trill of normal length.

Yes, sorry.  "Syllabic" implies "lengthened" to me.   An alveolar
trill of normal length is too short to constitute a syllable. :)

> > and not
> >the syllabic [r\] that shows up in e.g. English <butter>?
> That's [r\=].  [r\] is *not* syllabic (it's the "r" in "Mary").

[r\=] = "syllabic [r\]".  "syllabic [r\=]" would have been redundant.

> And your
> example works only in rhotic dialects (and maybe not all of them :)) ).

Yes, as I have already been chastised for. :)