I've got a website up now on Chelume, a joint conlang between me and a
friend at school. Chelume was spoken by a small tribe of people who lived
in the South Caspian Region in North Persia circa. 2000 BC, shortly after
the dispersion at the Tower of Babel. Active development is expected to
resume once the semester gets underway next week.

BTW I designed the website by hand using CSS, and (on the "alphabet" page)
XML and XSL, using stuff I learned last semester. I like the look! (said
with a just wee touch o' pride) :)

Reviews, Questions, Comments, Criticisms, etc are welcome!


PS: I hope to get a more general conlnag welcome page and some info on
Akathanu (and my other conlang pojects) put up sometime soon too.