On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Caleb Hines wrote:

> I've got a website up now on Chelume, a joint conlang between me and a
> friend at school. Chelume was spoken by a small tribe of people who lived
> in the South Caspian Region in North Persia circa. 2000 BC, shortly after
> the dispersion at the Tower of Babel. Active development is expected to
> resume once the semester gets underway next week.
> BTW I designed the website by hand using CSS, and (on the "alphabet" page)
> XML and XSL, using stuff I learned last semester. I like the look! (said
> with a just wee touch o' pride) :)

<noises of annoyment>: You've used a frame! Argh. That aside, I'm also
getting horizontal scrolling which might be from the h2, but might not be.
Also, a couple of times you have 'width: 97%;%;'. For maximum brilliance,
you should aschew fixed measurements like pixels, and especially
measurements like points, centimetres etc. Some webbrowsers won't allow
resizing of them, and the second class of measurement requires a
configuration very few computers have: knowledge of the physical size of
the screen. (My webpage, <>, I think has a
couple of these in it, but I'm slowly getting rid of them (looks good in
Opera, Mozilla, but I think a bit shoddy in IE because I don't have easy
access to a machine which can run it).)  Instead, you should use relative
measurements such as 'small', percentages or things like em and ex which
are relative to the fontsize.

On a related note, don't use 'this site' as link text. It's totally
meaningless. I'd recommend 'Mark Rosenfelder's Language Construction Kit',
or just 'Language Construction Kit'.

Sorry to be picky, but I prefer people to learn things the right way is
all. It does look reasonably good, though, especially in comparison to
many image-heavy commercial websites. Not that I mean to compare you to
that :)

> Reviews, Questions, Comments, Criticisms, etc are welcome!

There doesn't seem to be all that much there, the 'Alphabet', 'Grammar'
and 'Vocabulary' in the top frame aren't linked. I presume this is