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> Staving Gary Shannon:
> >I am stubborn and I run.        Present tense,
> simple aspect
> >I am being stubborn and I am running.   Present
> continuous


> >
> >I came up with about 30 of these, and I sure can't
> >remember 30 different names for the tenses, and I'm
> >sure some of them even have names.
> >
> >--gary
> I've done my best to name them. Not too sure about
> the subjunctives, though.

I've often thought it would be easier to "name" them
by example.  For example, "I've thought" is a "hazben"
while "I would have believed ..." is a "woodaben"

Then we'd have tense names that made sense, and could
actually be used as tense markers!

future -> "gunabi" eg: I gunabi running
present -> "izbein" eg: I izbein running
past -> "wuza" eg: I waza running

and so on.