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> Corrolary:
> If more than 50 people percieve the same object, we
> can conclude that any
> person will percieve that object, as well.

Assuming that there is such a thing as "50 other
people."  Since your perception of the existence of 50
other people exists in your mind it could well be an

Last night I dremt I was at a party with at least 50
other people.  But where are those 50 people now?

If, while in a dream, I used your argument on another
character in my dream would that make my dream
objectively real?

Can I prove the existence of "waking reality" to a
character I meet in my dream?  He might ask where this
imaginary place called waking reality is located.  I
surely couldn't point it out to him from within the

What if you awoke for this dream you call reality and
discovered that it was inded a dream and that the 50
other people you were dreaming of have no objective

So many shakey asumptions!  How many members are there
in the International Organization of Solopsists?