On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, Daniel D Hicken wrote:

> Is it a given that word initial vowels cause humans to use a glottal stop
> such as in /?{p@l/ apple, or /?{lo/ French 'Allo'  Or is it more

You'll find that it's /alo/, I do believe. And /&p@l/, for that matter;
the [?] is non-phonemic (so [?&p@l] is correct, though).

> frequently found that there are not?  I'm working on a conlang, and when
> I go through and pronounce through the words, I find that I'm wanting to
> put a glottal stop in front of the word-intial vowels when there's no
> liaison from the preceding word.
> Comments?

It's my understanding that since [?] became widespread in some British
dialects, words beginning with vowels now begin with vowels :) But this
information is at least second-hand. I'm capable of doing what sounds like
starting with no consonant, though. (but this might just be a sound I
don't recognise: a voiced [h], perhaps, or some nature of glide.)