Roger Mills wrote:

> What say our Russophones and Japanophones???

Both Russian and Ukrainian have no initial glottal stop. Neither it is found in
intervocalic position, allowing pure hiatus: Ukr. _teatr_ [te"a.t4_0=]
"theater", _real'nyj_ [4e"al;nIi]* "real". To say them [te?a-], [re?a-] sounds
extremely posh.

*[l;] means [l_j]

ObConlang: My recent "Newgaritic" project, being a Semitic language, has
phone*m*ic glottal stop as a true consonant, but often it is silent
phone*t*icly, e.g. /?ana:/ [@"nA] "we"

-- Yitzik (who is still nomail)