On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 13:03:49 +0100 Benct Philip Jonsson wrote:

> Which of of the notations 2\ Y\ 8\ would
> you find most convenient/intuitive for the
> Swedish "long _u_", which in strict
> X-SAMPA is [2_w]?

[2_w] is contradictory. [2] itself is a rounded vowel. If you need to
distinguish between less rounded and more rounded vowel, you should use [_c] for
less r. and [_O] for more r. In IPA they are left half and right half of a ring
below respectively.

Especially taking into account that it may be a dialectal feature:
- quoting Andreas Johansson :
> In case anyone's forgotten, my 'lect does not have [2_w:] for this phoneme,
> but [u\:]; a phone sensible enough to have its own IPA sign! :)

Just my 2 kopecks...

-- Yitzik (who is again in the game, though only in a digest form for now...)