michael poxon wrote:

> I suppose the main reason why I'm not keen on the Japanese system is that it
> just doesn't look beautiful (to me) - I'm a bit of an "aesthetic" type!

I'm a practical one but the aesthetic is important as well. And now that
I've seen my entire syllabary on a screen, I think that I still have some
work to do in this direction.

> children". But go on - get your aliens writing, give their tentacles some
> exercise!

Tentacles? No way! The Shaqueans are humanoid.


As I saw, we both have the same idea about what syllabic symbols must look
like: the consonant and the vowel merged together. Look here:

Well, I'm a little late, the sample text isn't exactly what I expected and
there is one mistake but I had a hard job and the days have only 24 hours. I
had to write a converter from roman script to syllabic script cause our
keyboards aren't designed for a syllabary.

See ya,

Remi Villatel
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