Gary Shannon wrote:
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>>>>*shameless self-advertisement here*
>>>>Unfortunately, there are no
>>>>sound files, as no one has performed it (yet...).
>>>Got midi?
>>No. I generally detest MIDI files, and I don't have
>>the equipment at my disposal to make a semi-decent
>>>I look forward to browsing it later today when I
>>>the time.
>>Glad I sparked someone's interest!
>>James W.
> Midi CAN be terrible! There's no doubt of that.  But
> midi can be sublime as well, with the right equipment
> and taking care to create a real performace file, not
> just a mechanical note-by-note transcription.

Yes indeed. I made a midi performance of my Master's thesis (a 15
minute, two movement symphony, back in 1997-8) that sounded pretty good.

> I use a Korg N5 synthesizer/keyboard which is not
> top-of-the-line, but has pretty darn good orchestral
> sounds.  I also use Giga Studio sampling synthesizer
> which has incredible orchestral and solo instrument
> sounds.

Unfortunately I have NO orchestral sounds on my digital piano (or
anywhere else), or any room in my dinky apartment for any additional

   As for performance standards, I recently
> spent easily 3 months on my midi performance of the
> first movement of Beethoven's 6th.  And that 3 months
> of work started AFTER I got all the notes entered.
> That's 3 months (evenings and weekends only) of
> performance dynamics work. THAT kind of midi can be
> wonderful.

Yeah, I worked on my symphony for 14 months, and that was as I was
composing it as well. I plan to make a midi version of my concerto when
I get some equipment to work with, but that could be a long wait.

James Worlton