> While I've met plenty of people who _claim_ to believe there is no
> truth, there are precious few who act as if they believed it. And no-one
> to have a good answer to the charge that "There is no objective truth"
> for reasons of internal consistency, be true.

Indeed. Most people believe in science (which is founded on the idea of an
objective truth), and live each day as though it were "reality".

I have heard one decent answer to that charge, and it's to change it to the
statement "The only objective truth is that there is no objective truth
aside from this statement." Or something along those lines.

Of course, that's a nice little workaround.

Then again, as I understand it, it is impossible for a philosophical system
to both be consistent and be able to demonstrate its consistency. That is,
if you believe that philosophical idea.

Hooray for circlular logic.